International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
Published by Chaoyang University of Technology

Yi-Ling Liou and Chin-Teh Huang *

Department of Applied Chemistry,Chaoyang University of Technology, Wufong, Taichung 41349, Taiwan, R.O.C.


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Various chain-lengths of ω-bromoalkyl carboxylic acids were synthesized from cyclicketones of different ring size via the oxidation to ω-hydroxyalkyl carboxylic acids followedby bromine substitution of hydroxyl group. The oxidation was conducted in acidic condition orin alkaline condition followed by treatment with hydrobromic acid to achieve the bromine substitution.

Keywords: cyclic ketones, hydroxyalkanoic acids, bromoalkanoic acids, hydrogen peroxide, and anti-SARS disinfectant.

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Accepted: 2006-12-09
Available Online: 2006-12-01

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Liou, Y.-L., Huang, C.-T. 2006. Investigation on oxidation of cyclic ketones and synthesisof ω-bromoalkanoic acids. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 4, 235–241.

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