Agrahara Krishnamoorthy* and Parikh Saumil

Department of Civil Engineering Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Karnataka, India

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The response of a symmetric space frame structure resting on sliding type of bearing is analysed considering all the six degree of freedom of the structure at each node. The analysis consists of two phases, a sliding phase and non-sliding phase. In non-sliding phase the horizontal stiffness of sliding bearing is considered as very large where as it is equal to zero during sliding phase. A step by step Newmark’s method is adopted for the solution of dynamic equation. The analysis is used to study the response of a four story symmetric space frame structure subjected to an El Centro ground acceleration. The effects of coefficient of friction of isolation material, natural period of the structure, excitation frequency and number of storeys on response of structure are also studied when the structure is subjected to harmonic ground acceleration.

Keywords: sliding bearing; sinusoidal load; El Centro ground acceleration; space frame structure.

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Accepted: 2005-03-01
Available Online: 2005-04-01

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Krishnamoorthy, A., Saumil, P. 2005. In-plane response of a symmetric space frame with sliding supports, International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 3, 1–11.