Hutomo Wahyu Nugroho*, M. Khoirul Anam, and Yudhistira

Research Center for Quality System and Testing Technology, Indonesian Institute of Science, South Tangerang, Indonesia


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Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC) is one of the important aspects to guarantee the quality of household appliance products induction cooker. One of the test clauses is electrostatic discharge (ESD). The purpose of this paper describes the application of the CISPR 14-2 standard on the ESD test and its suitability for household appliances induction cookers. The test is performed only on the air discharge method and to see the performance change, the power consumption measurement before and after discharge is applied. The test results show a decrease in measured power consumption by 3.5%. In ESD test, the air discharge is applied at some point specified that is power button, hot pot button, display and heatsink. The test results showed no degradation of performance or failure of function of induction cooker.

Keywords: Electromagnetic compatibility; electrostatic discharge; CISPR 14-2 standard; induction cooker.

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Received: 2018-06-14
Revised: 2018-10-14
Accepted: 2018-10-19
Available Online: 2018-10-19

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Nugroho, H.W., Anam, M.K., Yudhistira, 2018. Implementation of CISPR 14-2 standards on electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity test for household appliances induction cooker. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 15, 119-125.