International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
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Cheng-Hui Chen 1,2, Zi-Yi Lim 3*, Hsien-Chou Liao 4, Bo-Yin Cai 4, Ci-Yi Lai 1,5

1 Regional Industry Service Division, Institute for Information Industry, Nantou City, 540, Taiwan

2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung City 407224, Taiwan

3 Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung City 413310, Taiwan

4 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung City 413310, Taiwan

5 Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu City 300093, Taiwan


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Since Germany proposed Industry 4.0 in 2013, it has driven the industry toward the goal of automation and smart manufacturing. The COVID-19 epidemic in the past two years has accelerated this development trend. Manufacturing production lines will inevitably develop toward automation and intelligence in the future. In the development of the manufacturing industry, welding technology has always been the most indispensable part of the overall manufacturing process. In the general traditional manual welding operation, the operator can weld and inspect at the same time to ensure the quality of the welding. However, our implemented system applied an automated optical inspection technique to pre-inspect the metal wire of the shelf before welding with the parts. The operators use this system for collaborative inspection, which reduces the workload of manual inspection and improves the work efficiency and quality of shelf welding. After the on-site experiment, the system's functions are also expanded according to the production line requirements, especially the automatic parameter function provided to reduce the complexity and time of on-site parameter adjustment.

Keywords: Automatic optical inspection, Manufacturing, Collaborative inspection.

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Received: 2023-05-28
Revised: 2023-09-04
Accepted: 2023-09-16
Available Online: 2023-12-01

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Chen, C.-H., Lim, Z.-Y., Liao, H.-C., Cai, B.-Y., Lai, C.-Y. 2023. An automated optical shelf welding pre-inspection system. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 20, 2023052.

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