International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
Published by Chaoyang University of Technology

Publication Ethics

Ethical Guidelines for the Publication of a Thesis or Dissertation

Publishing Responsibilities of Authors

Publishing research which has been checked by an editor or reviewer plays an important role in improving the development of academic research and knowledge dissemination. Papers directly reflect the quality of work and involve specific scientific methods which match ethical guidelines. Therefore, it is important authors take responsibility to ensure their papers meet the following standards.

Thesis or Dissertation's Ethical Standards

Authors must provide accurate data and objectively analyze its meaning. No explanation or arguments should be offered without truthful supporting evidence. If statements are not accurate or correct they will be considered to be unethical and unacceptable. Data should be provided that would enable others to test the findings and replicate the research. Clarity, accuracy, objectivity and a complete record should be represented in both research methods and data.

Authors must not fabricate or copy research by others or plagiarize results from other studies. If citing arguments from others, authors need to show respect and provide a reference so people will know it is not their contribution or idea. But, if there is considerable citing without reference, it will be misleading research that will be considered plagiarism.

Authors cannot send their papers to other journals for publication. If a committee member finds an article has been sent to other publications it will be rejected. If a paper has been presented at a conference and is published in the collection of papers, the author needs to disclose it.

Research Subjects

Authors must specify in their manuscript if their research involves chemicals, procedures and abnormal equipment that might be hazardous. If the study used human or animal subjects, authors must provide a statement stating that the procedures complied with the relevant laws and institutional guidelines. A certificate that protects the privacy rights of individuals must also be obtained and agreed.

Subjects’ Pictures or Details

If the research involved patients or volunteers all procedures should be approved by International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering’s Ethics Committee and specified in their manuscript. Personal information or pictures of the subjects should not be used without written consent and permission should be noted in the paper. Authors must provide a copy of evidence of the written consents to International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering (IJASE) if required.