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Sheetal Agarwal a,1 and B.L. Swamib

Research Scholar, Department Malviya National Institute of Technology-Jaipur(Rajasthan)-INDIA-302017
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technolog,  Jaipur, India

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Motorized road vehicles are the major source of noise; always responsible for creating annoyance among people. The present study is aimed to investigate the correlation between annoyance level and different noise indices and its impact on residents/community in terms of annoyance index. Noise and attitudinal response of local population were carried out at ten commercial road networks of the city. To define the noise annoyance quantitatively, a new point scale [i.e. Mean Dissatisfaction Score)(MDS)]has been used in the present study , a strong correlation was observed between percentage highly annoyed and various noise indices.

Keywords: Noise percentile levels; Noise annoyance; Traffic congestion; Noise annoyance index.

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Accepted: 2010-04-29
Available Online: 2010-07-01

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Agarwal, S., Swami, B.L. 2010. Noise annoyance under interrupted traffic flow condition for jaipur city. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 7, 159–168.

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