International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
Published by Chaoyang University of Technology

Fang-Lin Chao1

Chaoyang University of Technology Taichung, Taiwan 413, Republic of China


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The backward crosstalk among the sections of a serpentine delay line accumulates to appear as a laddering wave in the receiving waveform. This occurrence results in severe signal distortion and timing skew of the clock signal. The layout of double layer serpentine delay line can reduced crosstalk between lines. The waveform of double layer serpentine delay line has been investigated with simulation approach. The results obtained by the SPICE simulation shown that the laddering waves in double layer serpentine were retarded. Although a laddering wave still exist but the penalty of the delay time incurred by the crosstalk is depressed.

Keywords: serpentine delay line; crosstalk; double layer.

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Accepted: 2008-03-18
Available Online: 2008-04-01

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Chao, F.-L. 2008. Analysis of laddering wave in double layer serpentine delay line.  International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 6, 47–52.