International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
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Susan Sam and A. Samson Nesaraj 1 

Department of Chemistry, Karunya University, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore -641 114, Tamil Nadu, India.

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MnFe2O4 is one of the most common spinel ferrites and its nanoparticles have found applications in various applications. In this paper, we report the preparation of MnFe2O4 nanocrystalline spinel particles by different techniques viz., low temperature combustion technique using urea, glycine and glucose as fuels and chemical-precipitation method. The resulting powder was characterized by XRD, particle size analysis and SEM. The XRD pattern confirmed the presence of cubic phase in all the samples. The particle size data of the powder prepared with chemical precipitation route revealed that 42.8 % of particles lie below 229 nm. The surface microstructure elucidation by SEM also confirmed the presence of uniform sized nanoparticles in the sample prepared by co-precipitation method.

Keywords: MnFe2O4 spinel; preparation; combustion; chemical precipitation; characterization

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Accepted: 2011-09-15
Available Online: 2011-12-01

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S., Sam, Nesaraj, A.S. 2011. Preparation of MnFe2O4 nanoceramic particles by soft chemical routes. International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering, 9, 223–239.